Brand Accelerator: 90 days to your Full Marketing Game Plan™

Step 1:
Kickoff Meeting


Timeline and Project Outline

The first step in our Brand Accelerator Program is the Kick-Off Meeting. This is the meeting where our teams will meet and exchange questions to make sure everyone is on the same page.

We will review:
Business Overview
Business Challenges
Scope of Work

Step 2:
Business Snapshot


Business Snapshot Template

We want to learn about you and your business. We will begin to dive into your business information and aim to compartmentalize the information we uncover about you, your target audience, and your potential opportunities. We dig deeper into the problems you solve for your clients, existing alternatives, their buying habits, likely searches, and trigger events. The information that we gather based on your business needs will lead to specific strategies tailored for your business.

Step 3:
Data Analysis

During the Brand Accelerator Program we analyze an immense amount of data about your company. We do this through detailed client interviews, user testing, polls, site audits, keyword audits, and surveys. With this information we are able to understand your visitor’s behavior and how they are reacting to your messaging strategy. This allows you to make changes based on actual data to enhance your brand which will improve your results.

Step 4:
Buyer Personas


Buyer Persona's Document

Creating buyer profiles and personas allow us to help you tailor your sales approach and develop a clear understanding of how to target your product and services to your ideal customer. We will build a matrix of good fit industries (profiles) and the kinds of people specifically (personas) to engage. Buyer personas are the building block for any business. If we can help identify the pains, goals, and challenges of your customers, as well as where they are going for information, we have the capacity to fill the gap with great detail and clarity as a resource - and not a sales gimmick. This specific customization of your marketing strategies to meet the needs of your buyers is vital to help your company keep the lead pipeline full. This marketing process will improve lead generation which in turn will help build your company’s success.

Step 5:
Technical Set-Up


Log-Ins and Links for all Accounts (Google Sheets)

While the strategy team is working on Buyer Persona’s, our Inbound Expert Elissa gets started on the technical set up of your account.

Technical set-up includes:
Website Take-Over
Social Media Platform Audit / Set-Up
CRM Set-Up
Marketing Software Set-Up

Step 6:
Message Framework and Campaign Theme Planning


Messaging (Message Map, Sample Messaging and Key Messages), Value Proposistion and 3 Campaign Options

One of the biggest missed opportunities we see in business is when someone has a great idea and great service or product, but they fail to tell the story in the right way to the right people. We outline a message hierarchy highlighting how to deliver your messaging with your audience. This approach goes through identifying value propositions and establishing how to appropriately convey how the features of your products or service align with the wants and needs of the personas outlined in the previous weeks. Based on the messaging we create an outline of three possible campaign options that serves as the final deliverable for this step.

Step 7:
Buyer Journey and Campaign Review


Full Campaign Strategy

The final step before Training is defining the Buyers Journey through the lens of a full Campaign Review. Through this process we outline a full inbound marketing campaign, from social media, keyword selection and optimization, blogging, offers, workflows, and more. This strategic campaign is tailored around your buyer’s journey - intentionally helping prospects navigate through the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of their buying cycle with you. We include a twelve week detailed guide of SEO focused blog post outlines, social outlet recommendations, email workflow automation, and offer outlines. These marketing strategies will help ensure that you reach your ideal buyer persona and maximize revenue streams.

Step 8:
Marketing, Sales and Technical Training


CRM Training Guide

The final step of our Brand Accelerator Program is training you how to use Hubspot. While we will be the ones actively managing and deploying your campaigns, it’s important that you are able to use your new tool for reporting and management purposes. We will fully train you (as much or as little as you’d like) to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running with Hubspot.

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