Sales Enablement

For sales teams looking to improve efficiencies and processes, Sales Enablement is our process to define your sales pipeline and align it with industry best practices and tools to close sales at a higher velocity.

Step 1:
Sales Strategy + Implementation Game Plan

Following the our Brand Accelerator Program™, Hey Now! Media will develop an inbound/digital sales strategy for our clients. We will focus on enhancing the existing strategy and introducing an inbound sales methodology. During this phase we will also create a game plan for implementing the strategy and new technology.

Overview and Approach
Brand Accelerator Program™ (Expectations, Academy, Training Checklist and User Guide)
Day-to-Day Flow
Define Lifecycle Stages
Developing how to leverage existing assets and staff
Creating a Sales Strategy

Step 2:
Automation Set-Up

The HubSpot CRM includes free sales tools that enable sales reps to create efficiencies and increased productivity during the sales process. Our sales enablement program includes the setup and management of the following automation tools:

Workflows and Automation
Lead Scoring
Sequence Creation & Optimization
Chat Bot/Messenger
Hot Leads Notifications

Step 3:
Roll-out and Implementation

During the roll-out and implementation phase, we will train all sales reps on the program including the inbound sales methodology and CRM.

CRM and Program Training
Ongoing Consulting and Support
Marketing and Sales Pass-Off

Step 4:
Collateral and Support

Following the implementation of the sales program and technology, Hey Now! Media will provide sales collateral that enhances the sales process with prospects, leads and opportunities. As people enter your funnel there will be a full online presence to support your brand, paired with sales tools and resources that guide the user through the funnel to help the sales team convert leads into sales.

Deliverables include:
One Sales Leave Behind
Presentation Template
Pitch Deck
Template Emails
Proposal Template

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